The day Hayyan Hayden was born....

baru je ade masa skit nk tulis blog :) sgt busy melayan karenah lil sweetheart yg akan genap 2 bulan on march 1st (patutnya feb 29th,tp feb smpi 28 jek..huhu). 2 months of motherhood..tiring but exciting!bangun malam..uughhh..but to see him growing healthy n now with his smile n lovely talk, it worth the sacrifice!saje nk tulis psl the day he's born..tetibe t'igt blik p'jalanan me n helmi menempuh saat paling berharga dlm hidup kami..

Alhamdulillah..the most awaited moment has come..Wednesday, Dec 29th 2010, 7.30pm (Canada ET), my beloved lil precious had safely arrived at Grand river Hospital, Kitchener Waterloo, Canada. It's hard to believe that I  had already given birth to a healthy baby boy. I still remember when Dr Wackim pulled him out and he wasn't crying. His face was like 'err..where am I mother? I'm all scared!'. We can see and hear him crying when the nurse took him and started to clean him up and resumed with standard baby checkup procedure. At that same time, Helmi was unbelievably saying to me 'anak kite sayang' and I felt him too. Felt like crying but I tried to remain focus and steady :). Of course I was extremely happy but at the same time I felt sad when I thought about the 3 of us without our extended family by our side. However, I know their prayers are always with us.

Welcome to the world Hayyan Hayden!

It is still fresh in my mind days before Hayyan Hayden was born. Can u imagine, I could still shop on Boxing Day (Dec 26th). Initially, Helmi didn't want me to go out anymore since my due date was approaching. But he was the one who made me wanted to go out on that day! He kept on saying to buy new wallet lah, belt lah, leather jacket lah, but never did anything bout it. Deep down in my heart, I did feel sorry for him because it was soooo long he hadn't changed his old faded wallet and his belt. So, there we go! Went out on Boxing Day and being in the middle of thousands of people (i'm not exaggerating!), enough to make me feel extremely exhausted. And guess what? Again, Helmi didn't find what he wanted. Duuh..da la penat ni..Why he was such a choosy shopper?? lastly, and again, I was the one who always get something for myself when I'm at a mall :) And Helmi, he bought himself a PSP which I didn't understand the necessity of having one :( ermm whatever la sayang, as long as u're happy (altho I'm not happy bout it :( ).

We arrived home when it was already dark. I was too tired to cook, so Helmi decided just to eat instant noodles a.k.a mamee kari good for pregnant woman :) while having yummy mammee curry noodles, I started to feel something wrong with my stomach and my back. It was like muscles pulling and I assumed perhaps it was muscles fatigue due to my shopping exercise I had earlier that day. Helmi started to feel worry and I was the one to calm him down (lorrr..terbalik pulak..padahal dlm hati takut jgk..hihi).

Next day (Dec 27th), the pain became worse but still, I managed to do some house chores and packing up stuff to bring to hospital, in case anything happen soon. Luckily Helmi had long break from Christmas to New Year so he's home with me when I was having the early signs of labour. I was not sure if the pain was really a sign of labour because I thought it must be more painful than what I was experiencing. Later in the day, the pain is more like contractions that have been described by many people. I asked Helmi to write down the time everytime I felt the contractions. And I noticed the lower back pain had become persistent and Helmi figured out that the contractions occurred at regular intervals. Both of us started to feel nervous and we decided to call both our moms to tell the situation. Funny thing was, dua2 mak tak nak ckp panjang, masing2 da lagi nervous dari kami, suh kami pi hospital right away. Masa tu lah, emosi sikit because they were worried about the two of us handling the situation. Lepas nanges2 minta maaf and so on, call taxi (sib baik da siap pack brg awal2, ikutkan nk pack da dekat due date which is Jan 4th) and trus pg hospital. Ooops before that, call our sisters here, k.mazni, k.lisa and, telling them that we're going to the hospital. Sebab diorg nilah yg akan take care of everything (masak, bw baby's car seat, n so on) when we're in hospital. Sampai2 hospital, check2, doc ckp baru 1-2cm dilated. Dia suruh balik dulu. Nanti bile da masuk active stage dtg lagi. Aik! beria je my OB ckp if u're having any signs of labour trus ke Triage. Tapi since the doc ckp that was normal, so we went home late that night. penaaat..~sigh~ Sampai rumah trus tido. Guess what? x dpt tido. The contractions became stronger and longer. Aduuhh...Since the next day we have our last visit to Dr Ross office (my OB), I just wanted to wait for the checkup and see what Dr Ross will suggest. Tapi mmg x dpt tido la kan.

Next day (dec 28), went to Dr Ross office and told her that I'm having intense lower back pain, bloody mucus and the contractions are getting stronger. She could not wait any longer and check me up right away. And she said that the cervix had been 4cm dilated and asked me to go straight away to the hospital (just across her office). I told her that the nurse in Triage only want me to come if my water break or else they will send me home again. She called the nurse in Triage right away to make sure that they'll look after me. Again, we went to Triage at the hospital. And again, the doc at the hospital still think that I'm not in active labour so she advised me to go home and rest as much as I can. This time around, I was quite upset and angry too because I haven't sleep last night due to the pain I'm fighting with and now she's asking me to rest as much as I can..Ohh nooo..They offer me if I want to take pain relief such as Demerol wutsoeva, but I refused when I was told about the consequences of taking that. So, balik lah semula kami ke rumah. Sian tgk Helmi, mengusung je la bag kami ke hulu ke hilir for 2 days in a row. Nak marah pun ade dgn pihak hospital masa tu tp sbb nurse tu pujuk ckp ni prosedur biase, so terima jelah.

Later that night, the contractions was so intense, and the brownish bloody mucus is still coming out and I couldn't sleep at all. I asked Helmi to put a bag of warm water on my back but it still didn't work. This time I felt like crying! Bermakna sudah dua malam tak dapat tidur langsung and I was worried if I have no energy when the real time comes. When the time approaching Subuh prayer, I couldn't stand it anymore. I woke Helmi up and ask him to pray Subuh prayer so that we can go to hospital right away. While Helmi's praying, I went to take bath (in case kene tahan kt hospital, at least da mandi siap2). Baru je selesai buang air kecil, suddenly I felt like more water coming out. I knew that was not a pee because I had no control over it.Baru je nk melangkah kaki ke tub mandi, gusshhhh..and yeah, this is really water break, I told myself. Terus menjerit panggil Helmi dan die pun trus dtg dlm kerisauan. Melihatkan air ketuban yang da byk keluar dr kaki, Helmi suruh trus siap ke hospital. Tapi biasalah saya, tetap degil nk mandi jgk. So mandi dulu dalam kesakitan.

That day (dec 29th), awal pagi da terpacul kt hospital..Seb baik rumah dekat dgn hospital ni (5min drive je). Alhamdulillah, kali ni bile nurse tu check die ckp da 6-7cm dilated and kena tahan ward. Fuh lega dlm ksakitan..huhu..Mule2 checkup kt triage. Lame jgk duduk kt dalam tu (8am-11am) before transfer ke private room. Terkejut jugak bile disediakan satu bilik untuk kami. As far as I remember, mase isi borang tu, I choose the standard ward (3 person), sebab itu yang di cover oleh health insurance plan kami (which is paid by the government of Malaysia, thank you KPT!), Tapi dapat private room pulak. Ade tandas dan side bed for Helmi lagi. Alhamdulillah, rezeki baby nih. Around noon mase tu da sangat sakit and I asked the nurse lame lagi ke rasenyer nk deliver nih, and she said it's up to the contractions frequency. Tapi nurse kate die sgt kagum dgn I sbb die x nmpk pun mcm I'm having contractions for 7cm. Siap boleh sembang2 dgn die and helmi lagi. Tapi apepun, I still choose to have epidural while I'm in labour sbb I sgt takut ok. Nak ikutkan kuat, my hubby ckp I sgt kuat tapi disebabkan takut ckp jgk kt nurse tu nk pki epidural. Pukul 2pm da dlm epidural..aahhhh..sgt lega..x rase ape dah..tny nurse tu die ckp around 7pm mgkn akan keluar, sbb epidural tu mgkn melambatkan cervix to fully dilated kot, tp da x kesah sbb da x rase sakit :)

Tepat 7.15pm, nurse suh try push and she said she could see the hair of the baby already. Tak menunggu lame, she made final preparation and called doc and the team to the room. When Dr Wackim arrived at 7.25pm, she only asked me to push several time and at 7.38pm, they he go...I could see the doc pulled him out and gave him to the nurse waiting to do the standard routine for newborn. He didn't cry when the doc pulled him out and only crying when the nurse took him and put him upside down. Helmi mase tu by my side, and we're too excited looking at our precious and beloved Hayyan Hayden..'anak kite sayang..'kate2 helmi yang membuatkan I nk nangis..tapi tahan and cepat2 suruh helmi pg amik pic baby. Alhamdulillah, syukur Ya Allah Kau permudahkan bagi kami segala urusan kami.

inilah rupe anak mommy bbrp minit selepas selamat dilahirkan..

Malam pertama, baby tido dgn daddy kt katil daddy..sebab kesian nk biar die dlm crib tu sorang2. Mase nurse dtg every 2 hour nk pantau mom and baby, die senyum je. Nasib baik die x kesah sbb biasenye diorg suruh baby tido dlm crib yg disediakan tu, tp die faham perasaan mom and dad. Malam tu mommy x tido..tgk je Ian and daddy dari katil mommy. Next day, we're still in the hospital..byk sgt procedure baby has to go we decided to stay je smpi jumaat..lagipun bilik sgt selesa for us..Alhamdulillah, kwn2 kt sini kak mazni, kak lisa, kak as, aiat n sanaa byk sgt membantu waktu mcm ni..dtg hantar makanan n waktu nk blik pun diorg jgk kene dtg hantar car seat for baby, kalo x, x boleh kuar hospital baby tu..wajib kt sini!
Jumaat dec 31st, barulah kami bawa ian pulang ke rumah. fuh lega semuanya selamat.

Dan yang penting, at this moment,  da selamat menghabiskan tempoh berpantang dan baby is doing great. Alhamdulillah..

Hayyan's latest 7 weeks..


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