happy 2nd anniversary!!

22 nov 2010..ermmm..nothing much to write about our 2nd anniversary actually! I know it should be an annual event where every married couple are looking forward to indulge themselves with party, romantic dinner, or romantic gateway just to tell their soul partner how important and precious they are to them. We didnt manage to throw ourselves something BIG on that day. But it didn't mean that we're not appreciating our marriage! It was just bcos I was no longer able to do such thing anymore (talking about 33weeks pregnant!).

What we did on that special day? We manage to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and before that, buying some baby's stuff..yeaayy! at least I manage to go out for more than 2 hours which seem to be the hardest thing to do now (staying outside for more than 2 hours!).

~Mom and Dad to-be on 22nd Nov 2010~

Actually I was more than excited about getting prepared for baby's arrival therefore for the whole weekend (where it supposed to be anniversary celebration), we spent time shopping (for bb) and started kemas2 bilik n rumah (assemble baby's wardrobe, crib and etc..). Meaningful what? kan?kan? since baby is on the way, lets celebrate our 2nd anniversary with the real proof of our love :) After all, I still been treated as a queen since I was just being a mandur and Helmi was doing everything actually :) Love u sayang!
That was all a lil bit about our 2nd anni. May Allah bless our marriage with happiness and beautiful (inside out) children. May Allah bless us with longevity and prosperity so we can celebrate another beautiful year of marriage with our baby. Amin.


  1. sweet..! :D congrats for the doubles ahha.. for the marriage and the carriage.. lovely..!! ;)

  2. congrats both of u..tahun depan sambut bertiga plak..:P

  3. happy anniversary to u, doq lyn! comel lah ur belly.. geram! he3..


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