Assalamualaikum and bonjour to all!
Wah..it's been ages,huh? Been too long that I left my blog inactive :( This morning I chatted with my beloved friend Ed in UK..She told me that she's into blogging just recently..good..good..Then I realize that my blog is shouting for some food for thought (it's been a while huh, friend?)..The problem is...I dunno what to write..Sometimes I feel like blogging is such a sinful activity (only applies to me ok!)..haha..wanna know why? Its like as if I was being dishonest to my sponsor, my family, my hubby, and certainly my own self..huh..they want me to focus on my study, writing up my research proposal/thesis etc..not spending hours on sharing absurd (sometimes) stuff of mine on the blog :) But not all things written here are meaningless,aite? From my +ve perspective, writing a blog can also improve my writing skills (are u sure?? what about all the grammar and comp errors??) ..hehe..can also provide u a space where u need ur friends to listen to u, or for u to update urself, or for u to point out ur views on some issues, and etc2..because sometimes u can't speak it out loud due to some obstacles..And it's kind of a therapy as well when u can make a 'curhat'=curahan hati :) And for me, blogging also has values in terms of spatial and temporal scales..it gives me an opportunity to speak up when we talk about temporal values..it provides no time limit and can be done at anytime u prefer..from a spatial view, it gives us the comfort when we can write at anywhere we feel comfort to write..ermmmm..but as a responsible human being, we ourselves can set the limit for time and space..see! blogging can also teach u time management :)
huhhh..ape la yg aku mengarut ni? ok la folks..Its time for me to pray my Isya' prayer, and go home..can't wait to see my hubby whose work will finish shortly! till fingers meet keyboard again! wassalam and au revoir!!
p.s: can't wait to write on my trip to Niagara Falls and skiing at Chicopee Ski Resort!


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