Wednesday, December 22, 2010

38 weeks and counting days!!!

Salam and hi all!

Waaah...tetibe I feel so rajin nk update blog. FYI, I seldom open my own blog and once I open it, I want to take the chance to write anything that comes across my mind at this time. And the reason for me to have this blog pun because I want to keep and share things (esp the important ones) in a more friendly way. I can imagine myself at 40s and recall all the things that had been happening in my life by going thru all posts in this blog. Haha..must be feeling a bit silly and shame then but yet it could be an inspiration of what I have to become then.

Talking about keeping and sharing thing, I suddenly feel the urge to write about myself at the 38weeks of pregnancy and am counting days for the arrival of new bundle of joy :) So far, I haven't feel any signs of labour and everything is just doing great. Alhamdulillah.Baby's moving actively (even now while writing this post :p), I can still cook and do some house chores (not much tho), and most importantly, I still feel relax and that will allow me to get prepared for labour. InsyaAllah.
Alhamdulillah, at this stage, preparation to greet the lil bundle of joy is well prepared, I guess :) But you know la as a woman, we always have something else to buy altho the thing is not in the list at the 1st place :) Oftenly, when I had a discussion with Helmi, he would ask me, 'is everything ok?', 'what else do we need to buy?', 'is everything complete?' and so forth. I would always reply 'yeah, I think everything is ok', 'yup, we have everything complete' and so forth. But later on, I would go like 'ermm, sayang, I think we should have this and this', or ' sayang, I think I want to buy this so that blablabla..' or 'sayang, my friends/people said this thing is great for newborn' and it goes on and on..huhu..and Helmi would look at me like 'duuuhh..what else??'. However, it has been a great experience for us in preparing the arrival of our lil bundle of joy and also in ensuring that my pregnancy is going well. Alhamdulillah, thank to Him for the gift and opportunity He'd given us.

Ermmm..I still remember the 1st time we went shopping for baby's stuff at Babies r us when I was 7months pregnant. We spent about CAD600++(about rm1800++) there and we got only few stuff! Blame it on me because I didnt ask anyone or survey the market before doing the shopping. I only know Babies r us cos it is so familiar with babies' stuff and all. After being disappointed with the little things we got at Babies r us, I started asking around and surfing the web to compare the prices and there u go..there were more places that offer cheaper prices with the same brand and quality!'s ok la lynn..saya budak baru belajar kannn...

>>Among the 'few stuff' that we got from Babies r us. The Medela breastpump and the Fisher Price Oceania crib/bedding set. the car seat accessories>> the jumper for winter baby and head hugger>> and also tiny-miny stuff like mittens, socks, hats, and washcloths which I can get double-less price if I go to Wal Mart!

The subsequent shopping events have taken place at the Bonnie Togs (where u can find branded baby's clothing with cheaper price e.g. Osh Kosh B'Gosh, Carters etc), Wal mart (where u can find babies' stuff, gadgets and accessories which offer lesser price than that of Babies r us, and they're the same brand, fyi). And we're also felt indebted to some friends for giving us some most needed baby's stuff (Manal and family for the crib,car seat, K.evi and k.janna for a wonderful advice and helps and gifts). May Allah bless them with wonderful children.

Crib from Manal&family. We have to buy the bedding set at our own since Manal offered pinky bedding set because she got 2 daughters :)

One thing that give us unique and different experience is when we're looking for baby's winter clothing and accessories as he'll be arriving during winter time. Of course, we couldn't refer much to our family or friends back home. So, I have to ask some friends here to know what should I get for winter baby. Memang best shopping baby's stuff esp kt negara sejuk nih cos the clothing is soooo chomel2. My hubby also had to control his desire to buy the whole store for our baby :)

>> 1st pic: baby's snowsuit and snow jacket from Gap and Osh kosh.>>2nd pic: baby's first Guess suit.>>3rd pic: Baby's first pair of jeans from osh kosh.>>4th pic: some of baby's sleepers. What I want to show here is that most of these clothing are made for cold weather , so if nk blik kampung (Malaysia), have to do another round of shopping trip! (helmi: oh again :p)

Looking back at all baby's clothing that we have bought, one thing did across my mind (and my hubby's too). 'Kalau ade rezki dpt baby lg lepas nih (mudah2an dipanjangkan umur dimurahkan rezki, amin..), dah tentu tak dpt pakai da si abang punya baju2. Semua tebal2, mmg pengsan kalo pki kt M'sia!' :) tp xpelah..we have strong reason here and they're not wasteful expenditures. Ermmm..I guess thats it for now..Backache bila duduk lame2 ngadap laptop nih..need to stretch up jap.. InsyaAllah, will update the blog after the baby has born :) Sebab saya mmg malas nk update selalu :p

(p.s: I would like to request all readers to make prayers for me and my baby. May the delivery going well and at ease, and pray for the safely arrival of our baby.)

ikan pari bakar in da house!!!!

salam and hi all!

after quite a while, tetibe jek update psl ikan pari bakar :) sebabnya hari ni buat ikan pari bakar+air asam..2nd time buat, but this time around kene update sbb ade story sket :) actually, ikan bakar is always be my favourite dish aside from sambal ikan keli (or known as ikan sembilang in negri9). However, since we're living in Canada, there's no way to find ikan cencaru (itu je ikan yg biasa dibuat ikan bakar), but Helmi insisted to make ikan bakar with stingray. Kalau di Malaysia, memang jarang (or can I say never?) beli ikan pari buat ikan bakar or even makan kt kedai pun. At least, I would choose ikan kembung bakar kalau nk makan ikan bakar sgt.

Ikan pari bakar or masak asam pedas is always Helmi's favourite. Not really la I think, but he knows how to eat ikan pari (haha..I mean bukannya I tak tahu makan ikan pari, but tak minat). Apparently, after the 1st try making ikan pari bakar, I fell in love with ikan pari bakar plus the sweet sour air asam. Oh ya, before this I prefer to eat ikan bakar with sambal kicap, but since Helmi prefer air asam, so I learnt how to make air asam and again, I found it really delicious to have it with ikan bakar together.

1. Before di bakar :)

As usual, msti nk amik gmbr kenang2an :) and as usual jgk, Helmi mesti akan gelak :( xpe, nnt da tua2 nnt, u'll know how precious this kind of memory to us :)

2) Perap sekejap with all the bahan2

3) Tadaaaa..siap utk dimakan..ooops, today's air asam is a bit 'cair'. I love it anyways! (Name pun penggemar ikan bakar tegar :p)
And oh ya, the main reason nk sgt makan ikan pari bakar today adalah kerana due date is approaching, meaning confinement pun x lame lg lah (insyaAllah jika semua dipermudahkan). So, dah tentu x boleh makan ikan pari during pantang..hehe..itu yg beria suruh my lovely hubby beli jgk ikan pari. And bile Helmi tgk I was so excited to eat ikan pari bakar, he said that I was like a lil boy who is going to 'sunat'.. eleh mcm die lah tu..sbb die ckp dulu kalau nk sunat, before that nk makan KFC lah and mcm2 lah sbb nnt da dlm pantang x leh nk makan :) But for me, xdelah nk mkn mcm2 pun, sbb x byk choice pun kt, hopefully pantang nnt will be easier sbb xde byk godaan :) insyaAllah..
ok berbalik kpd topik ikan pari, I kind of menyesal cos I eat a lot during lunch td. Kesannya, I still full at 9pm!! Tadi masa lunch, Helmi da suruh stop when he saw me beria2 sgt makan. Not that he didnt want me to eat, but he knew me very well. Oftenly, if I eat too much (esp during pregnant ni), I would feel like vomiting or I could be full for a long period of time which is not good in order to get balance diet for my pregnancy. And here it comes again. I dont feel like eating at all. Perhaps when Helmi gets back from work at 10pm, I can join him for dinner. Hopefully......
moral of the story: Jangan terlalu mengikut nafsu!! Altho u havent eat ur fav food for more than a year, it's not a license for u to eat it too much once u get it! hurrmmm..pity me :(

Friday, November 26, 2010

happy 2nd anniversary!!

22 nov 2010..ermmm..nothing much to write about our 2nd anniversary actually! I know it should be an annual event where every married couple are looking forward to indulge themselves with party, romantic dinner, or romantic gateway just to tell their soul partner how important and precious they are to them. We didnt manage to throw ourselves something BIG on that day. But it didn't mean that we're not appreciating our marriage! It was just bcos I was no longer able to do such thing anymore (talking about 33weeks pregnant!).

What we did on that special day? We manage to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and before that, buying some baby's stuff..yeaayy! at least I manage to go out for more than 2 hours which seem to be the hardest thing to do now (staying outside for more than 2 hours!).

~Mom and Dad to-be on 22nd Nov 2010~

Actually I was more than excited about getting prepared for baby's arrival therefore for the whole weekend (where it supposed to be anniversary celebration), we spent time shopping (for bb) and started kemas2 bilik n rumah (assemble baby's wardrobe, crib and etc..). Meaningful what? kan?kan? since baby is on the way, lets celebrate our 2nd anniversary with the real proof of our love :) After all, I still been treated as a queen since I was just being a mandur and Helmi was doing everything actually :) Love u sayang!
That was all a lil bit about our 2nd anni. May Allah bless our marriage with happiness and beautiful (inside out) children. May Allah bless us with longevity and prosperity so we can celebrate another beautiful year of marriage with our baby. Amin.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hubby& roti canai

ketika org lain dok sibuk masak utk Thanksgiving dinner, nun jauh di sebuah basement apartment di bumi waterloo, kelihatan dua org manusia yg sibuk berceloteh sambil menguli doh..haha..ini semua gara2 bile kami berdua tetibe t'ingin nk makan roti canai..dah 2 thn kt sini, br la ni terasa nk mkn..nasib kami bukan 'pure maple' pny org :) kikiki..

almaklumlah, bile isteri yg tgh pregnant tetibe ckp nk mkn tu, nk mkn nih, si suami pun jd serba salah la kali ni, aku x rs bersalah sgt, sbb bangun2 pagi tu, cik suami pun ckp die t'ingin nk mkn roti canai..ape lg..sibuk la dok cr resepi kt internet :)

tp aku mmg kagum jgk dgn cik suami..rupe2nye ade bakat terpendam..untung jgk bile my mom-in-law pandai masak2..dulu siap berniaga kuih-muih..dats y cik suami tahu serba sedikit bab masak2 nih..sbb siblings die sume laki, sorang je pempuan..nk xnk kene tlg la jgk..mcm aku, rmi, bile diorg sume msk kt dapur aku kdg2 x amik serius pun blajar masak ni..setakat tolong potong2 bawang since kawen and merantau tmpt org ni, br la kene masak sndr..ermmm..xde lah ssh sgt kene byk lg praktis bak kate cik suami :( hihihi..

ok lets go back to roti canai thing..hampir 90% dibuat oleh cik suami..aku tlg bancuh2 bahan2 kari ayam aku la yg buat 100%..cik suami x mau mkn dgn kuah dal, so senang la, xyah ssh2 cr kt internet..

cik suami yg bersungguh2 membuat doh roti canai..skill tebar x dpt nk capture..cik suami mmg sebiji la gaye cik suami time ni mcm mamak kt pelita nasi kandar..kekeke..
ni la ghupe roti canai yg chumel bebenor..ade bulat and segi4 :)

finally...ready to eat!! siap buat teh tarik lagi..cayalah en helmi!!!
mmg bersyukur sgt2 dpt mkn roti canai+teh tarik..sbb kalo ikutkan kepakaran memasak aku yg terhad ni, mmg kene tgu blik m'sia la br dpt makan..kekeke..thank you en suami! so, inilah dinner kitorg di petang thanksgiving..depa sume dok bakar turkey..bukan main lg bau smpi umah xpa..kita hari2 shud be thankful to Allah..xdak tarikh specific yg kite perlu ucap rasa syukur..dpt mkn roti canai pun satu nikmat bagi org perantau mcm kami :) Alhamdulillah....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~Ya Allah berilah kekuatan utk ku hadapi Ramadhan kali ini~

Ramadhan datang lagi. Rasanya seperti baru semalam aku dan suami berkejar2 naik basikal untuk solat tarawikh di masjid pada 2009. How time flies..(klise sungguh bg org2 yg alpa mcm aku :p) Tahun lepas w'pun berpuasa jauh di perantauan, suasananya sungguh berlainan memandangkan ianya yg pertama sejak bergelar suami isteri dan pertama kali juga berpuasa jauh dr keluarga tercinta. It was a new experience and I was looking forward for the Ramadhan to come. But it was last year's story. This year?? ermmm..terlalu hiba rasanya. We really looking forward to celebrate the Ramadhan and Eid this year with family and friends in Malaysia. But we can only plan but Allah had decided not to allow us. Ya Allah sesungguhnya aku redha..but deep down in my heart I feel really2+ xtremely sad. Terbayang2 wajah mak, my mom in law and keletah2 anak2 buah yg dah besar panjang skrg ni. Ampun Ya Allah, aku tidak bermaksud utk berputus asa dr rahmatMu. Sesungguhnya telah banyak yg Engkau telah limpahkan kepadaku namun telah aku dustakan tanpa aku sedari.

I know how sad my mom and my mom in law was when we told them that kami tidak ada rezki lagi utk balik ke Malaysia this year. Like my mom in law, sungguh terharu bila mendengar suaranya yg berubah. Tapi bagi my mother, when we told her tak jd blik, trus diam. No respond. I know she's trying not to cry. To hide her feeling. I know my mom. Walaupun mereka kemudiannya cuba memujuk hati kami (and definitely utk pujuk themselves), bagi kata2 semangat and everything, aku tetap berasa hiba. Tak tahulah. Mungkin disebabkan pregnancy ni kot. Sungguh2 emosi.

Banyak juga perkara yg aku sesalkan. Jika aku berjaya dlm Comps Exam tempohari, mgkn aku boleh balik ke Malaysia dgn senang hati. Since I have to repeat it, I'm afraid if I go back, then it will be more complicated to resume working on the paper. Tapi aku yakin, Allah punya rancangan yg lebih baik utk kami. Memandangkan my pregnancy yg sudah menjangkau 5 bulan skrg, we need to find new house yg lbh sesuai for the baby. So, actually we got lots of things jgk yg perlu disettlekan before I get too 'sarat'. Alhamdulillah, mgkn Allah tunjukkan kami jln yg lebih mudah.

Mungkin inilah dugaan utk kami. Siapalah kami utk mempersoalkan keputusan tuhan. Cuma harapan kami, berilah kami kekuatan ya Allah utk menghadapi Ramadhan kali ini. Berat rasanya perasaan rindu di hati dan fikiran kami ini. Mudahkan Ya Allah, ringankan beban kami Yang Maha Pengasih. Sungguh, aku yakin ada lagi yg diduga dgn dugaan yg lebih hebat dr kami. Sesungguhnya Ya Allah, golongkanlah kami dlm golongan org2 yg sentiasa mensyukuri segala nikmat dan rahmatMu YA ALLAH..Dan aku amat2 bersyukur2 kepada Mu Ya Allah di atas nikmat yg bakal Engkau berikan kepada kami utk bergelar ibu dan ayah. Indeed, You are the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficient..Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Assalamualaikum and bonjour to all!'s been ages,huh? Been too long that I left my blog inactive :( This morning I chatted with my beloved friend Ed in UK..She told me that she's into blogging just recently..good..good..Then I realize that my blog is shouting for some food for thought (it's been a while huh, friend?)..The problem is...I dunno what to write..Sometimes I feel like blogging is such a sinful activity (only applies to me ok!)..haha..wanna know why? Its like as if I was being dishonest to my sponsor, my family, my hubby, and certainly my own self..huh..they want me to focus on my study, writing up my research proposal/thesis etc..not spending hours on sharing absurd (sometimes) stuff of mine on the blog :) But not all things written here are meaningless,aite? From my +ve perspective, writing a blog can also improve my writing skills (are u sure?? what about all the grammar and comp errors??) ..hehe..can also provide u a space where u need ur friends to listen to u, or for u to update urself, or for u to point out ur views on some issues, and etc2..because sometimes u can't speak it out loud due to some obstacles..And it's kind of a therapy as well when u can make a 'curhat'=curahan hati :) And for me, blogging also has values in terms of spatial and temporal gives me an opportunity to speak up when we talk about temporal provides no time limit and can be done at anytime u prefer..from a spatial view, it gives us the comfort when we can write at anywhere we feel comfort to write..ermmmm..but as a responsible human being, we ourselves can set the limit for time and space..see! blogging can also teach u time management :)
huhhh..ape la yg aku mengarut ni? ok la folks..Its time for me to pray my Isya' prayer, and go home..can't wait to see my hubby whose work will finish shortly! till fingers meet keyboard again! wassalam and au revoir!!
p.s: can't wait to write on my trip to Niagara Falls and skiing at Chicopee Ski Resort!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

for my beloved family, friends and teachers

This video was posted by a friend of mine in her facebook (Thanks to K. As). And I was extremely touched by the words in this letter to heaven. It will make everyone of us cry. Menangislah kerana air mata yang jatuh kerana Allah akan membantu kita untuk lebih mengingatiNya. InsyaAllah.