happy 1st anniversary!!!

Nov 22nd 09..Our 1st anniversary. Alhamdulillah. It feels like just a blink of eyes. How time goes by so quick till I did not notice that it has been a year I became a wife to beloved Helmi. Oouwh...how I still freshly remember the time when we began to get serious in our relationship. The fights, the sulks, the cries, the pressures, and most importantly the LOVE...Love that led to where we are today. A married young couple learning to appreciate the nature of life and trying to be grateful for what have been destined in our precious life.
There's nothing special on our anniversary. At first we planned to go to Niagara Falls, but due to financial constraint, we surrendered. It had hurt both of us because we're so excited at the very beginning to spend the weekend in romantic getaway. But I know as long as we're together everything will be exciting. So, we decided to watch 2 movies in a row. They were 2012 and Twilight New Moon. But again, luck was not on our side. New Moon was fully booked for 2 days in a row!!!! So, we only watched 2012 and then wondering what we're gonna do next to cherish our day. All of sudden, it came to my mind about having a candle light dinner since we never had one :) It was such a very 'economic' candle-light dinner and yet, the most meaningful dinner I ever had with my beloved hubby. We talked about our bitter sweet memories, the challenges we faced since we're married, and how we dealt with difficult circumstances that have colored most of the path that we gone through. And we pray to Allah that one day, He will make it easy for us and bestow upon us the eternity of love.

I will always remember what Helmi said that night. Not only that night, but the whole day and weekend we spent together. No picture taken as Helmi said it should be private and confidential and he's right. This special day should be kept properly in our heart and nothing will change it forever.

Just a message to Helmi (if u ever read this): Happy 1st Anniversary..May Allah bless our marriage with happiness and with good children..I just want you to know that I'm always happy no matter what happen as long as u're here by my side..and I'm sorry for my weaknesses..You have taught me life..unmaterialistic life with love and courage and blessed from Allah..And I hope you feel the same way too..And I always pray the best for both of us..Amin..


  1. hi dear.. havent heard from u for sooo long :)
    hows life treating u? may happiness be with u, always! take care!

  2. hi laling..a'ah lame x dgr cite..life's ok..not bad so far..not great jgk..bese la..that's life..thanx for the wish dear..wish u the best and take care too!

  3. be greatful of what u have is actually a difficult thing for me to do, but u did it well...and GOD bless you with happiness. deep down my heart i have tis soft feeling and it said i feel happy to know that you're blessed n the marriage do making you strong, cheer and happy. and helmi must be a lucky guy to have you by his side, happy belated anninversary lynn.. love you

  4. el..i'm trying hard as well to be grateful..(don't judge a book by its cover,huh :p)everyone has their own dream, rite? and when we're not living the dream, we'll feel sad..that's what happening to me as well..life's hard el..and sumtimes it treats u so bad and unfair..esp when u looked at those who are more lucky than u..but c'est la vie..i owes remind myself bout this life..short and temporary..nothing great about this life unless we know the purpose of life..the purpose of why the Almighty Creator created us..after all, even how great u became in this world, u're still His servant..we're nothing el...just remember that..so, what I did to always feel grateful (instead of too MANY obstacles), is learning the purpose of life..go back to the Islam as the way of life..I'm not saying here that I've changed and being a good muslim..I'm still learning and trying to change my perceptions towards life..me and Helmi going thru a lot at this time..life is so hard for us..we're not like other married couples who still in their honeymoon period at the first couple of years of marriage..sumtimes it went to the extent that "did I make a right decision about this? about that?"..aarrrgh..but looking back at the purpose of life..it cooled me down..the sister at the halaqah that I attend always remind us that always be a good people if u want Allah's blessing..after all, He is the one that can help us..not the money..not the job that I want Helmi to get..not the love that I want Helmi to show it to me..and one of my friend here owes remind me that if we want people to love us, put Allah as ur 1st lover..when u love Him so much, He will love u..and u know what Allah can do when He loves u..maybe I'm not doing the best to love Him, that's why I don't feel total happiness as yet..but I'll never give up to ask for His light and hidayah for me, Helmi, my family and my beloved friends, so that we'll live this life happily and InsyaAllah in the hereafter as well...


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