autumn in my heart

hI ALL.. it's been quite long I left my blog with some old stuff..So, since today is sunday, I decided to share a lil bit about my first autumn in Canada..It is amazing with a very beautiful scenery..Subhanallah..Actually, my husband and I don't really have time to go for holiday or 'jalan-jalan makan angin' during this fall season even though I would love to, since my schedule is so packed this term with classes and preparation for my comprehensive exam next term..InsyaAllah..Although we do not have a chance to tour Canada as yet, I insisted to go and get some pictures here in Kitchener-Waterloo again :( to share with our beloved family and friends.

at waterloo park

On the left side taken during winter Feb 09 and the right side taken recently during autumn.


  1. doq lyn, sila upload gambar secara large ye.. bg memudahkan mata utk melihat dgn bih jelas. tq.. ;P

  2. cik roze adnan....nmpknya umur anda sudah semakin lanjut..mata sudah semakin rabun..wakakakakaka!!


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