Umairah-the jewel of our family

Nor Atikah Umairah..It was back in November 2005 when my sister, who have been married for 10 years and still didn’t get a "rezeki" to have a baby,made a decision to adopt one. And there she was…Nor Atikah Umairah…My sister took her right after she was born in the hospital and she had all of us cried in joy. I was in Japan then but I felt like I was there! Umairah and I have a chemistry since the first time I hold her in my arms. She used to cry a lot for the first 3 weeks and I was there in my hometown as I had my semester break during that time. I have many great memories to remember while taking care of her.When she was crying,I could make her quite.I bet all of my friends won’t believe this. Even her mom always gave up to stop her from crying!!! As she grew up,she’s getting clever and clever and she’s cute and chubby and bubbly and everything.All of us in the family love her so much and even her cousins will only looked after her when they’re back to their grandma’s house (as Umairah house just near my mom’s house).She is the jewel in the family.We love her so much.I love her so much.I never thought that she’s different from us (eventhough her skin and eating habbit is different from most of her cousins ). Helmi loves her too. Anybody meet this cute little girl will fall in love with her because she’s smart and bubbly and cute.I love seeing her growing up and she could really put my tense away. However, I am now in Canada with my hubby, pursuing my study and miss the chance of seeing Umairah grows up. But I heard from my mom that she's more talkative. Even, she now knows how to advise people! ;) She is really special to us. Umairah was not born from the womb of her mother but she’s born from everybody’s heart in the family. That’s make her so SPECIAL…


  1. wlcome to the blogging world babe ;) i met her once.. now after reading ths, i just cant wait for the next few times ehhe ;)

  2. je nk berkecimpung dgn dunia blog nih..a'ah kan..penah bw die jmp ko n emin arituh..miss her so much!


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