~home sweet home~

Salam to all,
Just wanna share with you guys some pictures of our current home in Kitchener, Canada. The reason is, I found it really interesting here in Canada where people is very up-to-date in terms of their home decor. They'll just put their unwanted furniture, yet still in good condition, at the garbage dump site or by the road side and that's how I found some of my furnitures and even my television! In addition, people here are very very kind and helpful (I feel blessed that I met with those special people). First of all, I was introduced to Kak Lisa and Kak Mazni (both Malaysian)by the Malaysian Student Dept in Canada, who helped me a lot with my settlement and university registration and everything. Then, their neighbour,Patty (Canadian), who gave me bedding set, tv cable, cookware and dining set, and even offered her pick-up truck to move all my things to my new rented apartment. Later, I met with Sister Mariam (occasionally at the masjid),who has been migrating to Canada from Somalia with her husband who work as an engineer. She had really made me realized the concept of sisters and brothers in Islam. She is really good to us. Of course, she'd helped us a lot. Sometimes I felt like rejecting her help, but she always gave me good reason why I should accept it. For example, when she wanted to give me the dining set, I refused, but she told me that was a present from her and her husband to the newly wed couple. I couldn't resist. After all, I feel lucky and fortunate enough to know good people like them all. Alhamdulillah, thank Allah for the bless and the endless love to us.


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