~genap 15 tahun pemergian abah tercinta~

26 Julai 1994. 15 years back, around 2.30pm. I lost the most wonderful person on earth I've ever known. My father. Died of heart attack. He looked very healthy in the morning when he sent me and my younger brother and sister to school. It happened very fast. I still remember, when I got back to school, I found him sleeping. My mother said that my father was not feeling very well. That was all. Never imagine that it will be the last few minutes with him. I would have never imagine that I'm going to loose him that day or any other days. I was 11 at that time. I always thought that we will be together as long as I live. I had always imagine that he will be there during my graduation day, he will be there seeing me becoming a doctor ( I always wanted to become a doctor when I was little kid). I never thought that we will loose any of our beloved family members so soon. Then I learnt that Allah Maha Besar dan Maha Berkuasa. Setiap kejadian tu pasti ada hikmahnya. And it was true. My family became very close and were there for each other at that particular time. Everybody was emotionally unstable. We're very shocked because we never face such a dugaan yg sgt memilukan...Especially losing one of the most wonderful, pure-hearted person, it was very hard for us..for me..I am still remember holding my father's head in my arms and calling for my mother. I was preparing to go to the evening Islamic school, and looking for the clothes that I have to wear when I noticed that my father was trying very hard to breath. I tried to hold him and ask him what's wrong but I got panicked when things got worse. My mother, who was going to pray Zuhur prayer, came quickly. That was the last few moments with my beloved father. I knew Allah love him more than us that Allah took him so early as we never thought about it. And Allah had made it easy for him. He was not even got sick for one day. It was just a few hours and he was gone. Enough to show us that he was a very good human being and His good servant. Up until now, I never find someone like him. Seseorang yang tidak pernah berdendam, seseorang yg tidak pernah marah walaupun dia dimarahi, seseorang yg tidak pernah berkasar, seseorang yg lembut dalam setiap percakapan, seseorang yg tidak lupa perintah agama, seseorang yg tahu besar nya sst amanah dan t'jawab,seseorang yg berusaha keras demi keluarga, seseorang yg amat mementingkan pendidikan anak2, dan bermacam lagi impressive personality if talking about my late father. It is very hard to be like him. I can never be like him. No one can. To all readers, whether you have faith in God or not, I may want you to pray for my father. May him be in peace. Bersama dgn org2 yg soleh dan beriman. InsyaAllah..
[Abah...Alin harap abah nampak Alin kat mana sekarang..Alin dapat smbg study ke oversea..mcm yg abah harapkan..doakan Alin berjaya untuk bergelar seorang doktor..Abah sentiasa dalam ingatan, tidak sesaat pun hilang dlm memori..setiap kali jantung ini berdegup, setiap kali itulah, Alin akan sentiasa mengingati segala jasa dan pengorbanan dan terutamanya kasih sayang Abah..Dan Alin akan ingat pesanan Abah, hanya dengan ilmu kita akan dihormati masyarakat..InsyaAllah Alin akan sambung cita2 abah yang tak kesampaian...InsyaAllah..doakan Alin abah......]


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