~Journey of life that I'll never forget~

2008. It was a very very very tiring and exhausting year I guess. Everything needs to be done at the same time. Well, at the first thought, I could never imagine that it would be so hard. But, you know, as the olders have always say, "kahwin bukan benda main2", hehe..and it led me to the mentally and emotionally disturbance while working on my wedding ceremony. And it was not only for the wedding that I have to focus on, they are few big things that I have to really concentrate on as well. My job as a tutor. Sound easy. Temporary tutor. Sound scary! Therefore, I need to focus on my work as well in order for me to get a permanent job. And the condition is: you have to obtain your PhD within 1 year of your employment. And what year is it?2008,huh? Consequently, I started working on my supervisor-hunting in universities around the globe. Alhamdulillah, I got a positive response from a professor who is likely one of the famous prof in my field of study. I got accepted to University of Waterloo, Canada to pursue my study. And that was not all. Working on that university hunting had already gave me headache, and now I have to focus on my planning about my marriage. Should it be before I go to Canada or after I have finish my study? First simple question. But the answer....Of course my boyfriend (at that time), Helmi, won't le me go alone, as well as my family. So, I got the answer. Within few months (I was thinking that I would go crazy), I have to settle everything. Before I received my acceptance letter from Waterloo, Helmi and I, we never discuss about our marriage seriously. And it was then, we're becoming like 'tak tentu hala' kind of person. Our work had slightly affected (especially Helmi). You know, how to arrange for kursus kahwin+merisik+bertunang+nikah+resepsi, plus I have to focus on my preparation to start my study+btn+deal with KPT+deal with UPM, within limited of time, and the result = CHAOS. Helmi and I had tried to convince our family not to have all the ceremonies as we have lots of things to be done at that very time, except for solemnization and reception, but then, both our families are very much hold to custom and malay tradition (ooh my goodness).~sigh~

I will never forget doing all the preparations for both huge things in my life. I was emotionally fragile and luckily I have met with a very very very understanding+tolerence man (although I considered him as not up to my expectation at that time because of exhausted mind), and he kept me doing all the things patiently. Thank to Allah, we managed to have our merisik in June 08, engangement in October 08, solemnization in November (have to do it separately with receptions as the reception would be in Dec which was too late for us to get the certificate of marriage in order to apply for visa and allowances for spouse) and finally receptions in Dec 08. Unlike the normal newly wed couples, we haven't get the chance to go for honeymoon or anything like celebrations, thus, we continue working on our visas and helmi's application for his unpaid leave.~sigh~ But eventually, we managed to settle everything on time except for Helmi's visa. Even though it was very frustrating that Helmi could not come together with me to Canada in January 09, after all, we feel blessed with strength, courages, helps, and rahmat from Allah s.w.t. that been given to us all this while. We will always remember the journey that we've gone through and we will hold to that forever (like what Helmi says, x de org bleh buat mcm kita ni sayang :p) I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who always be with us during the ups and downs and for eveything they're doing for us. You guys make everything possible!


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